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Alberto Delgado, one of the volunteers of QuipuNet (and one of ECIE's founders) organized an Internet Conference on the Japan earthquake (Kobe) and the lessons learned from it. Alberto, a Civil Engineer, was working for the Taisei Corporation in Japan at the time. The guest lecturers included professionals and University Professors from the fields of civil engineering and architecture.


This seminar was jointly hosted by QuipuNet and the UN- IDNDR (United Nations-International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction). This seminar explored ways to make cities safer, specially those at risk from natural disasters. The Conference took place from 26 August 1996 to 25 October 1996. The Conference was part of the United Nations' effort in bringing awareness to natural disasters and their prevention.


This conference focused on floods and droughts and featured reports that concisely outlined the impact of water-related disasters on specific locations around the world. The aim of the conference was to move forward to build a culture of prevention, by asking participants to focus on recent successful actions that have mitigated disasters' impact. The conference took place from 22 September to 24 October 1997


The slogan "Prevention begins with Information" highlighted the 1998 World Disaster Reduction Campaign with the theme of Natural Disaster Prevention and the Media. This conference took place from the 28th of September through the 18th of October, 1998


This Internet conference was the Concluding Phase of the United Nations International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (UN-IDNDR) This conference ran from the 14th to the 25th of June, 1999


The seminar, "A Virtual Trip to Cusco" was sponsored and hosted by E-Connexions, LLC. Using local professionals from Cusco, the seminar presented a history of the region and their legends. The seminar concluded with a personal description of a day at the regional Inti Raymi festival held in Cusco every year.


This is a two-part seminar we started to give in 2000. It was directed primarily to the Latino community in the Seattle-Tacoma area. The seminar is an introduction to IT (Information Technology) to show Latinos the opportunities that exist today in using computers and the Internet. The seminar was presented in Spanish.


This presentation is a workshop whose title in english is "Creating Jobs for a Better Future". This workshop, directed to the Latino community, is designed to teach the power of sharing ideas and how they can be adapted and developed to create new jobs.


Although the Internet has become a well known factor in our lives, it is surprising to discover how few people actually understand the "power" of the Internet in communications. Going beyond simple e-mail and web page browsing, the use of the tools of Information Communications Technology (ICT) can have a dramatic effect in bringing about change through knowledge and effective communication.


This small workshop, titled, "Creating Harmony" teaches how to improve communication in the home, at work, or in personal relationships. It also provides methods for improving self-esteem.


The First Discussion Forum of a series of five Forums presented by the International Trade Center. These Forums were focused on Trade issues and were directed primarily toward developing countries. ECIE supplied and managed the e-mail discussion list and arranged for translations into both Spanish and French.


The second of the five part series of Discussion Forums presented by the International Trade Center. ECIE supplied the e-mail discussion list and provided for translations into Spanish and French.


This Discussion Forum, the third of a five part series took place in July 2002. It was presented by the International Trade Center with ECIE providing the e-mail discussion list and translations.


The fourth Discussion Forum of this five part series took place during August 2001. The presentation was done through the International Trade Center with ECIE hosting the Forum on our Listserver.


The final Discussion Forum from the series of five Forums presented by the International Trade Center. ECIE hosted the event on our Listserver and provided the management of the list.


In cooperation with Eduzyme, our partner in Peru, ECIE organized and managed a virtual forum for the LatinPharma Expo 2002 held in El Salvador. The forum was presented by the Centro de Comercio Internacional (CCI), more commonly known as the International Trade Centre (ITC). The delivery of the forum was done both in Spanish and in Portuguese. The forum was directed towards the Pharmaceutical trade sector of South and Central America.


Invited by the Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) for their 2002 International Symposium, Eusebio "Mino" Castro, an Ashaninka from one of the indigeneous communities of Peru gave a presentation on how their community was using computers and Internet technology.


In cooperation with the Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) ECIE provided the presentation, "Computers in the Jungle of Peru" delivered by Mino Eusebio Castro, a Delegate-Leader of the Ashaninka Indigenous community of the Marankiari Bajo in Peru. ECIE used the opportunity of Mino's presence to schedule additional presentations of his message in Tacoma, and Olympia. At a presentation at Evergreen State College, it was gratifying to have been part of the meeting between two indigenous cultures, the Ashaninka and the Muckleshoot who were students in the Reservation-Based program at Evergreen.


ECIE provided a Virtual Forum prior to and during the Executive Forum held in Montreux and presented by the International Trade Center (ITC). The virtual forum was delivered in three languages; English, Spanish and French. The theme of the discussion was: "Managing Competitive Advantages."


"ICT Success Stories" was another virtual forum provided by ECIE and presented by the ITC in English, Spanish, and French.


The virtual forum "Autoparts" also provided by ECIE and presented by the ITC and directed toward the auto parts business sector in Asia and South America. The forum was presented in both English and Spanish.


ECIE presented a virtual seminar featuring the Ashaninka from the Marankiari Bajo in Peru. The seminar featured the Ashaninka telling us in their own words, about their culture and beliefs, and how the Internet has proven to be an instrument of empowerment for their community. The seminar also featured a question and answer period where the participants could ask the Ashaninka questions and they would receive an answer from the Ashaninka. The seminar was sponsored by the Muckleshoot Indian Nation who has been developing a cultural exchange between their communities. The seminar was presented in Spanish with translation to English.