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Conferences are normally an event that combines many of the elements of seminars, training, discussion forums and meetings. A conference usually lasts a whole day and can even last up to several days. Conferences are designed to bring together many people from many areas, all, who share a common interest, such as in a trade association. A conference is an opportunity to obtain some training, to attend meetings with experts in a particular field and to network with ones peers.

At ECIE, we have had some experience in organizing and holding on line conferences over the Internet. These types of conferences are lower cost alternatives to attending a live conference, allowing more people an opportunity to attend. In many cases, our on-line conferences have worked best as a pre-conference to a live conference. This has given many attendees a chance to “meet” with colleagues from across the country prior to the conference.

As a Hispanic based organization, we can work with your organization to deliver a conference to a Latino audience. We can also supplement you regular conference with an on line Spanish language component as a way to reach Latin American audiences. Please contact us for more information.