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Many of us have been to a seminar session, typically a semi-formal presentation of a subject followed by a question and answer period. Usually the topics are informational based and may have some instructional qualities to them. ECIE has over the past few years made several presentations that could be considered to be a seminar although they have been billed as simple presentations.

For example, we had made a series of presentations with Mino, a Delegate-Leader of the Ashaninka Indigenous community of the central jungles of Peru. His seminar, on how his community has embraced technology and the use of computers and the Internet to preserve their culture, customs, traditions and language generated a lot of interest. We have also made presentations on how the use of technology can be used as a leverage to empower a community. These presentations have been made to bilingual audiences in both English and Spanish.

We have also delivered several seminars over the Internet to a wider audience. These kinds of seminars have several distinct advantages over live seminars. One major advantage is the ability to deliver the seminar to a much wider audience, which can include other communities, other regions and even other countries. Another advantage, especially for those attending, is being able to “attend” the seminar from the comfort of their home or office, therefore reducing travel time and expenses.

Our goal at ECIE is to be able to deliver quality on-line seminars to whatever audience one would like to target. We already have experience in this area, providing seminar and discussion list services to the International Trade Centre (ITC) in Geneva, Switzerland, under contract.

As a bilingual organization, we can help your organization or group develop and make seminar presentations (both live and online) to both an English speaking audience, or to a Spanish speaking audience or both. Please contact us for more information.